Michigan’s New Renewable Energy Siting Law and its Implications on Municipalities

Governor Gretchen Whitmer previously signed House Bill 5120 (now Public Act 233 of 2023) into law in November 2023. The regulations, which specifically affect municipalities and developers, create a new siting path for utility-scale wind, solar, and energy storage facilities with the Michigan Public Service Commission (“MPSC”) and become effective on November 29, 2024. Once […]

State and Federal Condominium Association Repair and Maintenance Funding Initiatives

CAI continues to emphasize the importance of building safety through proactive maintenance measures, financial sustainability, and funding for repairs and maintenance in condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners associations.  Reflecting on the enduring lessons from the devastating Surfside tragedy and the lives lost, CAI remains dedicated to ensuring the safety and resilience of community associations nationwide through […]

Local Voices: A story of persistence and response (IL)

As of today, with help from the Village, our sewer main is repaired. Below that is a thank-you letter that I did email the mayor and trustees.  The response from the Village and the necessary calls were the components we needed to get this all resolved. I just felt that this was a story that […]

City of Rockville Honors Community for Environmental Excellence (MD)

“The Mayor and Council and the city’s Environment Commission honored two community members and a condominium association in May with Environmental Excellence Awards recognizing contributions to Rockville’s environmental health and sustainability.  Westmore Commercial Condominium Association, Inc. for Outstanding Leadership in Environmental Practices for inspiring and supporting its auto service members’ efforts to clean up and […]

Neighborhoods benefiting from CCID funds for improvements (MS)

The Legislature during its most recent session directed funding for several projects in Jackson through the Capitol Complex Improvement District.  Two of the projects are in the Fondren neighborhood and one falls in the LOHO Homeowners Association,    Read the article…………………………….

Noblesville residents decry ‘heartbreaking’ tree purge (IN)

Despite vocal objections, Noblesville officials began removing 133 trees along the street in the leafy Oakmont subdivision that they say pose a safety hazard.  But that danger isn’t an invasive species or overgrown branches hooking power lines: it comes from below.  Officials said the maple trees have grown so big that their roots have warped […]

Farrwood Drive Developer Pays City $95,000 for Road Repairs, Says Owners Now Working Together (MA)

King H. Weinstein of Farrwood Drive Inc. told WHAV he worked only on several single-family lots and the Islington Crossing apartments, while responsibility has been confusing among the five or six older condominium associations representing 600 homes. He explained he has also sought street repairs, but the problem dates back decades before formal condominium rules.  […]

Clackamas Water Environment Services awards $300,000 in RiverHealth Stewardship Grants to protect watersheds (OR)

Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) is awarding $300,000 in grants through its RiverHealth Stewardship Program to 13 organizations dedicated to protecting local watersheds.  The grants support various activities that restore habitat, manage invasive plant species, organize community volunteer events, provide watershed science education, and remove trash from waterways while enhancing water quality. Funding for RiverHealth […]

Subdivision requests to join municipal water system (MI)

On Tuesday, June 18, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees approved a resolution and scheduled a public hearing regarding a request from the Landings at Crane’s Cove Homeowners’ Association for the township to initiate a special assessment district to finance the cost of connecting its subdivision to the municipal water system.  Read the article…………………………….

Clay supervisors agree to reimburse homeowners association for walking path (PA)

Supervisors voted 2-1 to contribute a one-time reimbursement for a public walking path in disrepair to the Home Towne Square Homeowners Association. Chair Tim Lausch and Vice Chair Keith Martin voted yes, while Supervisor Gary Landis voted no. Funding will come from the township’s American Rescue Plan Act funds.    Read the article…………………………….

City Council passes bill to inspect residential buildings for structural risks (NY)

The New York City Council has passed a bill requiring residential buildings, including co-ops and condos, to undergo routine inspections based on their structural risks. The bill supplements the Facade Inspection and Safety Program, formerly known as Local Law 11, which requires all buildings taller than six stories to undergo inspections and necessary repairs every […]

County: Legacy can be emergency housing (WY)

In addition to the county’s allowance, landowners still need approval from the homeowners’ association, said Chief Deputy County Attorney Keith Gingery. Should that happen, leases would be prioritized for employees of critical service providers like St. John’s Health or licensed child care and senior centers. If there is still availability after five days, leases can […]

Council Tells HOA To Revise Bylaws (NJ)

A home owners association in the township will need to revise some of its bylaws concerning the election of trustees to their board.  The issue was addressed during a recent Township Council meeting, after they discussed it in closed session.  A few months ago, the council had passed a resolution regarding residents of Harmony Farms […]

Community Association Summit In Anne Arundel County (MD)

Anne Arundel County’s first “Community Association Summit” kicked off last week.  The collaboration between local government and local advocacy groups, on behalf of homeowners, was a long time coming, but turned out to be a big win.   Read the article…………………………….

Political Signs and Candidate Visits – Be Aware of State Law (MN)

Minnesota Statutes Section 211B.045 identifies when noncommercial signs may be posted during an election year:  All noncommercial signs of any size may be posted in any number beginning 46 days before the state primary in a state general election year until ten days following the state general election. Municipal ordinances may regulate the size and […]

Town opts to move forward with annexation process (FL)

The Windermere Town Council hosted a virtual workshop Tuesday, May 28, to discuss the possibility of annexing the Chaine du Lac community into the town limits.  Although a consensus was reached by council members to move forward with the annexation, opinions were divided on whether a referendum for a vote by the town residents should […]

Neighborhood-Funded Traffic Calming (TN)

To help meet the Traffic Calming demands in Nashville, the Nashville Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) is offering a Privately Funded Supplement to the Neighborhood Street Traffic Calming Program. Under this supplement, the residents along the street of interest, Homeowner’s Association (HOA), etc. will be financially responsible for funding the project.     Read […]

NCSO implementing community safety campaign (GA)

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a community safety campaign program called Connect Newton.  To keep communities informed and aid in the understanding of local crime, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office invites residents to participate in the upcoming program. The NCSO requests that neighborhoods or communities with a Homeowners Association (HOA) provide a contact […]

Lake association, watershed work together toward common goal (MN)

Since 2002, Bald Eagle Lake has been one of the many lakes included on the state’s impaired waters list. As of May 2024, that has changed.  Bald Eagle Lake is one of several local lakes are to be removed from Minnesota’s impaired waters list.   Read the article…………………………….

POA to ask county for tornado clean up aid

“A lot of debris remains,” Keck said, adding that it took six months to clean up after the winter ice storms of 2012 and 2013. He says the winter storm damage was more widespread, while damage from the March 14 EF-2 tornado was very concentrated.  If any assistance is received from Saline County, it will […]

Park City affordable housing residents ask city council for HOA relief (UT)

Residents of affordable developments such as Park City Heights and Central Park Condos told the Park City Council Thursday about unexpected HOA costs that are squeezing their budgets.  Luke McCarthy lives in one of the city’s 138 deed-restricted for sale units. McCarthy was able to get a condo last year after a four-year wait on […]

Instead of Hating Your HOA, Make Your City Take Responsibility

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are notorious punching bags, shamed for bullying widows to mow the lawn or telling residents what color they can paint their front door. But long before you came to loggerheads with your HOA, a cascading sequence of poor planning decisions put you both in this predicament. And that much-maligned HOA is just […]

Two Rivers Services to Help Private Condo Group (WI)

Buckley says the condo association was developed with private infrastructure and the maintenance of roadways and sewer systems is their priority.  However, the agreement will allow the city to flush the private water and sewer mains and collect leaves.   Read the article…………………………….

Georgetown Lake homeowners seek resolution to road controversy (WY)

Homeowners along a critical road on Georgetown Lake say they are hoping a solution is reached soon to a controversy over maintenance.  The Granite County Commission recently voted to halt all maintenance of the 3.1-mile-long Lakeshore Road, effective June 1, and the Forest Service says they are not authorized to maintain it for residential use.  […]

Florida Legislature Approves $30M for Condominium Storm-Proofing Grants

The state’s lawmakers passed the bill enacting the new My Safe Florida Condominium Pilot Program with unanimous votes in both chambers, and it is now awaiting its expected approval by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The program, which is an extension of the My Safe Florida Home program that offers grants for improvements to single-family homes, will […]

Ovilla Residents Rally for Community Harmony, Charting Future in HOA Meeting with Police Department (TX)

In an expression of tight-knit community spirit, a local Homeowners’ Association (HOA) brought residents together over the weekend at the Police Department to hash out plans and concerns for the future of their city. The meeting announced on the Ovilla Police Department’s Facebook page, encouraged discussions on urban development, communal issues, and strategies for enhancing […]

Charge Up Fairfax Program Open to Communities Looking to Install EV Charging (VA)

Starting May 1, community associations in Fairfax County interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations for their residents will be able to apply for technical assistance and partial reimbursement through the Charge Up Fairfax program.  Electric vehicles, or EVs, are better for the environment and less expensive to fuel and maintain than gas-powered vehicles. The […]

Dispute over road maintenance at Georgetown Lake continues (MT)

“To me they are just abandoning us, they don’t care. To the point the people living up there are getting sick and tired of it. If we don’t make a fight right now, we’re going to lose everything up there. And we don’t get much already anyhow,” said Brian Clark, president of the Georgetown Lake […]

Community leaders applaud inaugural HOA summit in Gold Canyon (AZ)

It was a full house at the new Gold Canyon Community Center on March 27. The attraction was the first-ever gathering of neighborhood leaders coming together to share interests, concerns and best practices for the common good of Gold Canyon.   Read the article…………………………….

Oakland HOAs are quietly installing surveillance cameras to watch public roads (CA)

Last October, the city of Oakland announced it would soon be installing 300 automated license plate readers—cameras that monitor public streets and instantly scan vehicle license plates, running them against “hot lists” for stolen cars or vehicles associated with crimes.  But the rollout of Oakland’s big new vehicle surveillance system has gotten bogged down as […]

Miami Beach looks to hire a condo ombudsman (FL)

A call to find city funds to hire a condominium ombudsperson has been referred to Miami Beach’s Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee.  “In order to properly implement the Condominium Assistance Charter Amendment,” the resolution that city commissioners referred says, “the city should create a position for a professional with relevant experience assisting condominium and/or co-op […]

What drove Jewfish Key residents to petition for de-annexation? (FL)

Off the coast of Longboat Key’s north end, Jewfish Key is home to about 38 acres and eight properties. The property owners question whether it makes sense to be a part of Longboat Key.  On Jan. 16, the Jewfish Key Preservation Association, Inc. submitted a petition for de-annexation, or contraction, to the town of Longboat […]

HOA asks city to take over street maintenance (MO)

Leaders of a Washington homeowners association called on the city to take over maintenance of private streets in their neighborhood and raised questions about how the current arrangement, under which the HOA is responsible for maintenance, came to be in the first place.   Read the article…………………………….

Downtown Denver condo residents say bicycle lane poses safety concerns (CO)

Residents in a downtown Denver condominium say the installation of a bicycle lane is causing safety issues for the people living there.  This past August, the city installed a bicycle lane outside of Windsor Condominiums along Larimer Street.  But residents call it a hazard every time they step out their front doorstep.   Read the article…………………………….

Free capital reserve studies available for APCHA condo units (CO)

The Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA) is seeking participants in a free initiative aimed at supporting homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in long-term planning for maintenance and major repairs.  APCHA will fund 100% of the study costs, which amounts to nearly $167,000. The studies will seek to understand the financial health of HOAs in relation to future […]

HOA’s have different rules what it means for Police and streets (WA)

The city of Liberty Lake is known for its winding paths, street trees and homeowner’s associations. Recently, however, residents of some neighborhoods have been questioning the services they receive from the city, particularly police patrols and traffic enforcement.  Many neighborhoods in Liberty Lake were built by Greenstone Corporation, which set up HOA’s for each neighborhood. […]

Lauderhill leaders address public safety concerns at HOA event (FL)

City leaders gathered with department and homeowners association representatives Thursday to discuss a lengthy agenda of issues impacting Lauderhill, including public safety, taxes, code enforcement and storm water management.  “We do this community leaders breakfast about once every three to four months,” Commissioner S. “Ray” Martin said. “The idea is to make sure that we […]

Town To Finalize Easement Agreement with Condo Association Near Mead Pond (CT)

Town officials last week approved funds for a survey of a condominium association’s property that includes an area along the eastern edge of Mead Pond.  The town didn’t realize when it proposed spending federal American Rescue Act funds to create a Flexi-pave walk around the pond two years ago that the abutting Park Slope condo […]