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Claims for breach of express indemnity clause in construction contracts subject to 10-year statute of limitations in Illinois

/ Owner - October 13, 2014

In 15th Place Condominium Association v. South Campus Development Team LLC, the Appellate Court for the First District of Illinois held that a claim for breach of an express indemnity clause within a construction agreement was subject to the 10-year statute of limitations for written contracts instead of the four-year statute of limitations for construction claims. In 15th Place, the South Campus Development Team, a developer of two condominium towers, contracted with Linn-Mathes, Inc. to work as a general contractor. The contract between them included an express indemnity clause. After the condominium project was completed in 2004, the developer turned over control of the project to 15th Place Condominium Association.    Read more……..

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