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Coop and Condo Right to Seek Legal Fee Reimbursement may have new life (NY)

/ Owner - January 10, 2019

As we previously reported, the New York Appellate Court that oversees the Manhattan and the Bronx Supreme Courts issued a unanimous decision at the beginning of November, 2018, which may significantly impact the right of cooperatives, and likely condominiums, that try to seek the reimbursement of legal fees from defaulting shareholders or owners.  In Krodel v. Amalgamated Dwellings, the Appellate Division, First Department held that the provision in the cooperative defendant’s proprietary lease covering reimbursement of legal fees is “unconscionable and unenforceable as a penalty.” Thus, even though the cooperative there may have prevailed in the lawsuit, it could not recover its defense counsel’s fees and costs from the shareholder plaintiff who lost.     Read the article…………………

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