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Condo squabbles: What to do when you’ve got a bad neighbour (BC)

/ Owner - May 24, 2018

There are more than 31,000 condo complexes in B.C. and living in close communities with shared walls can create squabbles. Maybe your neighbours are too loud, they don’t respect the strata bylaws or you’re bombarded with obnoxious smells. What do you do when you run into problems?  Janice Connell says overwhelming cooking smells have been coming into her condo for months. The odours were strongest in the bathroom, and she thought they were seeping in around the pipes.  “We’ll be sitting out here and there’ll be a woof of smell,” she said.  She had the electrical outlets taped up, shoved a towel under the bathroom door, added fans and opened the windows, but nothing worked.   Read the article………………..

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