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What does it mean to be on the Board of Directors of your HOA? Fiduciary Duties (Part 1 of a series) (VA)

/ Owner - February 14, 2018

Board members are told that they have fiduciary duties to the community association, but what does that really mean? Fiduciary duties arise because the members of the association entrust a board member to act in the best interest of the association when handling the association’s business.  There are three components that are important to understand fiduciary duty. First, the Virginia Code, at § 13.1-870, imposes on directors a requirement that a director exercise her duties in good faith and in the best interest of the association. This requirement is the so-called “business judgment” rule. Second, Virginia case law imposes duty of care that requires a board member to act as a reasonable person would under similar circumstances. Third, Virginia case law imposes a duty of loyalty that requires a board member to put the association before any personal interest. These last two duties are referred to as “common law” duties.   Read the article……………..

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