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RGJ investigates: Somersett rock wall failures in Reno test Nevada construction defect law (NV)

/ Owner - October 22, 2018

Desert shrubs and three small pine trees dotted a dirt slope overlooking the Somersett Golf and Country Club one morning in August. Just below, a golf cart traveled a paved concrete path while a handful of golfers walked the course nearby………….At the center of the ongoing battle at Somersett is that same dirt slope — now a linchpin for a construction defect lawsuit that’s pitting residents, contractors and Somersett’s developer against each other. The problems fueling the lawsuit can be traced back to the development’s early beginnings, which started construction during a hot real estate market that marked the turn of the millennium. It wasn’t until just a year and a half ago, however, that those problems literally came crashing down into full view.      Read the article………………

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