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UAE: Jointly Owned Property Regulations in Dubai

/ Owner - March 3, 2020

Being a part of the Owners Association necessitates a payment known as the annual service charge, which will be utilized for the maintenance and preservation of the community. In Dubai Law Number 27 of 2007 was introduced as the Strata Law, to establish the regulations with regards to the ownership of jointly owned real property and the establishment of an owner’s association. The reason for beginning this article with this case was to illuminate the readers of the rights of owners’ associations to file cases. We all know that only legal persons have the right to sue or be sued. According to the Law Number 27 of 2007, once the sale of the first unit of the Jointly Owned Real Property is registered in the Property Register of the Dubai Land Department, an Owners Association will be legally constituted, which will comprise of the owners of the units in the Jointly Owned Real Property (and the Developer, in the case of unsold units). Some of the features and responsibilities of an Owners Association are:     Read the article……………………….

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