A Little Good Will Can Avoid a Lot of Grief for Condominium Developers

/ Owner - June 26, 2018

Condo developments have three phases, equivalent in the minds of many developers to the “stages of grief” that describe the mourning process. There is no question that construction glitches, quarrelsome owners, litigation, or the threat of it, that plague some projects can make many developers mourn their career choice. But the development process doesn’t have to be grievous. There are common sense steps developers can take to avoid many of the headaches and reduce many of the risks they encounter in each development phase.  I’ve compiled the following suggestions based on more than three decades representing developers, but they come with an important caveat: These are general recommendations, not hard and fast rules. They will apply to most developers and most development projects, but they won’t be equally appropriate or equally effective for all of them.    Read the article………………..

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