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Louisiana Condominium & HOA Acts

/ Owner - July 10, 2012

The Condo Act starts with RS 9:1121; the Timeshare Act starts with RS 9:1131 and the Homeowners Act starts with RS 9:1141


RS 9:1121.101Short title
RS 9:1121.102Applicability
RS 9:1121.103Definitions
RS 9:1121.104Attorney fees
RS 9:1121.105Separate taxation
RS 9:1121.106Applicability of ordinances, zoning, and building restrictions
RS 9:1121.107Expropriation
RS 9:1121.108Sale of unit; escrow accounts
RS 9:1122.101Creation of condominium regimes; condominium declaration; recordation
RS 9:1122.102Blank
RS 9:1122.103Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
RS 9:1122.104Description of units
RS 9:1122.105Contents of the condominium declaration
RS 9:1122.106Reapportionment among unit owners of the percentage ownership interest in the common elements; percentages of sharing common expenses and common surplus; voting power in the association of unit owners
RS 9:1122.107Condominiums established on leased land
RS 9:1122.108Allocation of common element interest, votes, and common expense liabilities
RS 9:1122.109Blank
RS 9:1122.110Plats and plans
RS 9:1122.111Blank
RS 9:1122.112Termination; withdrawal
RS 9:1122.113Alterations of units
RS 9:1122.114Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
RS 9:1122.115Subdivision or conversion of units
RS 9:1122.116Blank
RS 9:1122.117Blank
RS 9:1122.118Blank
RS 9:1122.119Amendment of declaration
RS 9:1122.120Blank
RS 9:1122.121Blank
RS 9:1123.101Organization of unit owners’ association
RS 9:1123.102Powers of unit owners’ association
RS 9:1123.103Blank
RS 9:1123.104Blank
RS 9:1123.105Termination of contracts and leases of declarant
RS 9:1123.106Bylaws
RS 9:1123.107Upkeep of the condominium
RS 9:1123.108Association records
RS 9:1123.109Blank
RS 9:1123.110Blank
RS 9:1123.111Blank
RS 9:1123.112Insurance
RS 9:1123.113Fidelity bond or equivalent form of insurance required
RS 9:1123.114Blank
RS 9:1123.115Privilege on immovables
RS 9:1123.116Privilege for utility assessments
RS 9:1123.117Blank
RS 9:1124.101Applicability; waiver
RS 9:1124.102Public offering statement; general provisions
RS 9:1124.103Blank
RS 9:1124.104Public offering statement; conversion condominiums
RS 9:1124.105Public offering statement; condominium securities
RS 9:1124.106Purchaser’s right to cancel
RS 9:1124.107Resales of units
RS 9:1124.108Blank
RS 9:1124.109Privileges
RS 9:1124.110Blank
RS 9:1124.111Blank
RS 9:1124.112Blank
RS 9:1124.113Blank
RS 9:1124.114Blank
RS 9:1124.115Compliance with condominium declaration, bylaws, and administrative rules and regulations
RS 9:1124.116Blank
RS 9:1124.117Blank
RS 9:1131.1Short title
RS 9:1131.2Definitions
RS 9:1131.3Applicability
RS 9:1131.4Creation of a timeshare plan
RS 9:1131.5Construction and validity of declaration
RS 9:1131.6Description of timeshare property
RS 9:1131.7Partition
RS 9:1131.8Termination
RS 9:1131.9Tax assessment and payment
RS 9:1131.9.1Developer supervisory duties
RS 9:1131.9.2Public offering statement
RS 9:1131.10Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.10.1Contracts for purchase of timeshare interests
RS 9:1131.11Public offering statement; when not required
RS 9:1131.12Regulations of timeshare advertising
RS 9:1131.13Cancellation
RS 9:1131.14Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.15Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.16Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.16.1Escrow of payments; escrow accounts; nondisturbance agreements; interests, liens, and encumbrances; alternative assurances
RS 9:1131.17Escrow account; establishment; claims for damages
RS 9:1131.18Resales of timeshares
RS 9:1131.19Privileges
RS 9:1131.20Management and operation of the timeshare plan
RS 9:1131.21Assessment for timeshare interest expenses
RS 9:1131.22Privilege for assessments
RS 9:1131.23Insurance
RS 9:1131.24Requirements where developer’s interest in the timeshare property is a leasehold interest
RS 9:1131.25Remedies
RS 9:1131.26Louisiana Real Estate Recovery Fund; exemption
RS 9:1131.27Repealed by Acts 1984, No. 943, 5, eff. July 20, 1984.
RS 9:1131.28Recordation
RS 9:1131.29Waiver prohibited
RS 9:1131.30Preservation of claims and defenses
RS 9:1132To 1142 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 682, 3.
RS 9:1141.1Short title
RS 9:1141.2Definitions
RS 9:1141.3Applicability
RS 9:1141.4Building restrictions; matters of interpretation
RS 9:1141.5Building restrictions; generally, affirmative duty, and common areas
RS 9:1141.6Establishment, amendment, or termination of building restrictions
RS 9:1141.7Agreement of owners; voting
RS 9:1141.8Community documents; force of law
RS 9:1141.9Homeowners association privilege
RS 9:1145Association of owners; privilege; definition
RS 9:1146Privilege; sworn detailed statement; filing
RS 9:1147Privilege; five year period
RS 9:1148Privilege; ranking
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