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/ Owner - June 21, 2012

Missouri Condominium & Homeowner Association News

  • Bridge collapse leaves residents isolated, emergency access hindered (MO) July 9, 2024
    Neither the fire department, nor Franklin County government can do anything about the needed repairs. That’s because it’s not a public road, rather it’s the responsibility of the homeowners through their homeowner’s association.   Read the article…………………………….
  • ‘Fix it‘: St. Charles family seeks change after autistic man drowns in neighborhood pond (MO) June 23, 2024
    The loved ones of Darran Hutson continue to mourn the loss of the 44-year-old with special needs after he drowned in a pond in the Walnut Creek Subdivision in June.  “A lot of autistic people just don’t get understood, and one of the things we knew is that Darran loved water,” his brother Dion Fields said. “For them to have scuba diver people to get Darran’s body out of there. It’s a problem.”   Read the article…………………………….
  • City rejects request to take over private streets (MO) June 8, 2024
    The Washington City Council has rejected a request to take over maintenance of private streets in the Turtle Creek subdivision.  City Administrator Darren Lamb sent a letter May 14 to the Turtle Creek Homeowners Association stating the city was turning down the request for several reasons including lack of right-of-way and lack of compliance with city zoning if right-of-way could be obtained. The streets in the subdivision were approved by the city on the premise that they were to be ...
  • Condo owners in Brentwood complain about skyrocketing H.O.A. fees (MO) June 6, 2024
    Mary Ann Moore is a member of the Brentwood Forest Condos board.  “I can understand why they’re a little shocked by that,” she said.  Moore said that the condo complex has been hit with a combination of increased costs that have created a perfect storm. She said the December assessment paid for engineering work and repairs to the foundation of a building. Moore said the problems were discovered late in the year and couldn’t have been budgeted for.     Read ...
  • Missouri bill aims to legalize backyard chicken ownership May 17, 2024
    Chicken enthusiasts in Missouri may have something to crow about soon.  Many Missourians have sought to raise backyard chickens in recent years, citing higher egg prices and health-related concerns.  Now, a bill that’s passed the Missouri House in Jefferson City aims to legalize backyard chicken ownership, regardless of what a homeowner’s association agreement might say. That’s provide local municipal rules approve of the chickens.   Read the article…………………………….

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Missouri Condominium & Homeowner Association Articles

  • Contractual Considerations for Short-Term Rentals
    Property owners (“Owners”) interested in engaging in short-term leases should carefully consider the structure of their contracts (“Leases”). Anticipating potential disputes and consequences is essential for avoiding future litigation. A well-written Lease can serve to facilitate friendly, productive, and profitable landlord/tenant relationships.   Read the article………………………..
  • How To Handle Neighbor Disputes In A Fair Manner
    Disputes are an inevitable part of living in communities. When people live near each other, they are bound to disagree occasionally. As an association board member knows, disagreements between residents and the board happen often. However, disputes between neighbors are even more common.   Read the article………………………..
  • How to Keep Owners Engaged in the HOA
    Owners make up the heart of any HOA. They elect the board of directors. Their HOA fees fund community projects. They provide a volunteer workforce for the community.  The owners in your HOA are extremely important. The following are some tips to keep them engaged and active in the community.     Read the article………………………..
  • How to Get Your Residents to Take Pride in Their Community (MO)
    As communities get larger and residents become more isolated from one another, fostering community pride can be a challenge. Even small communities struggle to get residents to take pride in their community. This, of course, does not mean that residents dislike where they live. But, they may not feel as invested in the community as you would like.   Read the article………………………..
  • New Missouri Law Affects Municipal Control over Home Occupations
    Unlike municipalities, HOA’s are not prevented by the new law from restricting work from home in their respective subdivisions so long as their governing documents provide for such restrictions.   Read the article………………………..
  • Missouri Legislature Addresses Solar Panels: Changes Coming for Homeowner Associations
    The right to use solar energy has long been considered a property right in Missouri. See Section 442.012 RSMo. Even though the right to use solar energy is a property right, it may be subject to restrictive covenants, just like any other property right.  On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, Missouri Governor Parsons signed legislation which will change how homeowners associations may regulate the installation and use of solar energy within their communities, effective as of January 1, 2023.   Read the ...
  • When a resident is encroaching on HOA common ground (MO)
    Most communities in Missouri that are managed by homeowners associations have some areas of common ground. This is ground technically owned by the HOA and is for the enjoyment of all community members. Unfortunately, sometimes HOAs have to deal with residents encroaching on common ground. What can HOA boards do when this happens?  Read the entire article……………………………….

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