More Stupid Legislation Proposed in Florida

/ Owner - February 15, 2024

Bill proposed by First Coast lawmaker would require Florida HOA’s to invest in their communities

HB 173 proposed by Florida House Representative Kimberly Daniels would require HOA’s to use at least 15% of their annual income to benefit the community they’re in. Video news report……………………..

When I first started this site, I would periodically give out an “award” for the dumbest proposed legislation every year.  But after a few years, I started to call it the “Arizoonie” because Arizona would be the winner almost every time.  Well, today, Florida gets the award.

Although I’m pretty sure this proposed legislation will never be passed, the fact that it was even proposed in Florida shows how stupid some legislators are.  There are just so many reasons this bill is stupid:

  1. First of all, the HOA is already donating to the local governments with the owners paying full property taxes and the government not providing all of the services.  Road repairs, trash removal, some law (rules) enforcement, common area landscaping services (up north we could include snow removal) and more.
  2.  Florida associations are already suffering from huge insurance increases, piling on more costs won’t make things better. This would require HOA’s to raise their assessments by 15% just to continue the services provided in the past.
  3. It’s discriminating when only HOA’s have to do this and other non-profits do not.
  4. Who gets the tax write-off for this donation?  Is it a donation when it is mandated?

It is always amazing to me how little thought goes into HOA/condo legislation.  I recently saw a proposed bill in my state that would require condo associations to allow any owner to put solar panels on any roof and run cables through all of the units to get to theirs. I understand that my state legislators rarely deal with condo’s and so don’t think things through, but Florida??????  With all of the problems they caused and are now trying to fix, I would think they would know better.

Here’s the bill……………………..

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