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/ Owner - June 21, 2012

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  • CAI Best Practices: Ethics
    Simply put, when someone is employing ethics, he or she recognizes what is right and what is wrong and is choosing to do the right thing; however, as a great deal of business ethics literature will attest, “the right thing” is not always straightforward. For example, most ethical dilemmas in the workplace are not simply questions of “Should Bob steal from Jack?” or “Should Jack lie to his boss?”
  • Transition
  • Strategic Planning
    Strategic Planning
  • Reserve Studies/Management
    Reserve Studies/Management
  • Green Communities
    Green Communities
  • Governance
  • Community Security
    Community Security

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Nebraska Laws

Condominium Property Act

HOA’s in unincorporated villages – roads

Lien; foreclosure; notice; priority; costs and attorney’s fees; homeowners’ association; furnish statement


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