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/ Owner - June 21, 2012

North Dakota Condo & HOA News

  • Early morning West Fargo fire rips through multi-unit condo (ND) November 22, 2023
    A West Fargo fire displaced several residents after it ripped through a condo building.  A spokesperson with the City of West Fargo says they fire began at approximately 3:45 a.m. Wednesday morning at 237 12th ½ Avenue East. Crews arrived to large flames and smoke pouring from the roof of the building. A ladder truck was used to put out the fire, which burned over five hours. Crews remain on scene to ensure a blaze does not restart.   Read the ...
  • Bismarck Fire Department responds to early-morning condo fire (ND) February 12, 2023
    According to a report from the BFD, at approximately 3:40 a.m, the Central Dakota Communications Center received a report of a fire in a condominium in the 100 block of Bismarck’s Riverside Park Road. As they arrived on the scene, Bismarck fire crews found a smoldering fire   Read the article………………………..
  • BFD responds to attic fire in 3-story condo building (ND) September 12, 2022
    The Bismarck Fire Department was called to a Bismarck condominium building on Saturday, September 10, after a fire broke out in the attic of the building.   Read the article………………………..
  • Bismarck Fire Department responds to fire at condo (ND) June 20, 2021
    The Bismarck Fire Department responded to a fire at a condo Saturday afternoon.  Fire officials say they received a report of an explosion and a deck on fire in the 1100 block of Jefferson Avenue just before 4:30 p.m.    Read the entire article……………………………….
  • Grand Forks condo complex heavily damaged by fire (ND) April 7, 2021
    The Grand Forks Fire Department battled a south side condo fire Tues. afternoon. Crews were notified of the blaze shortly before 12:30.  Flames were visible from the roof area of Unit C of the Cherry Arms Condominiums on the 3400-3500 block of Cherry St. Multiple trucks were utilized in extinguishing the fire at the twelve-plex building.    Read the entire article……………………………….
  • Fargo man told to take American flag down because it’s too noisy in the wind (ND) March 11, 2021
    A rippling American flag is at the center of a controversy for a Fargo condo association.  Andrew Almer has flown his flag proudly from his balcony for the last two years.   Read the article…………………………………

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  • No Super Lien for You: New Case on the Priority of HOA Liens in North Dakota
    In a case of first impression, the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled that, despite the language of a declaration of covenants and restrictions to the contrary, a homeowners’ association (HOA) lien for unpaid assessments does not have super priority over a later recorded mortgage. In the Industrial Commission of North Dakota v. Gould, 2024 ND 32, the developer of a housing project recorded a declaration of covenants and restrictions with regard to the homes in the project.   Read the article…………………………….
  • Recent Short-Term Rental Case (SD)
    The Supreme Court of South Dakota recently ruled upon a short-term rental case involving a community association. In Wilson v. Maynard, No. 29307 (S.D. Jun. 16, 2021), the community association’s declaration only permitted “residential purposes”. After the Maynards began renting their property to large groups as a short-term rental, a neighbor (Wilson) file suit alleging that the short-term rentals unambiguously constituted a commercial purpose. The trial court, court of appeals and the Supreme Court all found that short-term rentals are ...
  • CAI Best Practices: Ethics
    Simply put, when someone is employing ethics, he or she recognizes what is right and what is wrong and is choosing to do the right thing; however, as a great deal of business ethics literature will attest, “the right thing” is not always straightforward. For example, most ethical dilemmas in the workplace are not simply questions of “Should Bob steal from Jack?” or “Should Jack lie to his boss?”
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