Australia: Building Defects: How do You Prove Systemic Defects?

It is an unfortunate reality that many strata apartment buildings contain defects. Many of those defects are widespread or systemic defects that affect most or all of the lots. But how far does an owners corporation have to go to prove the existence of systemic defects? Does the owners corporation have to organise for its […]

Condo Owners Vote To Pay Full Water Debt (CT)

The members of a Fair Haven Heights condo association have voted to pay their entire $138,000-plus overdue water bill?—?and will now try to collect from the complex’s former property manager, whom they accuse of failing to promptly address the leak that left them in such a financial mess.    Read the article…………………………….

Landmark Florida Court Ruling Shakes Up Condo Termination Landscape

In a significant decision with far-reaching implications, the Florida Third District Court of Appeal in May ruled in favor of condo owners, challenging the long-standing practice of developer-led condo terminations.  The ruling, stemming from a case involving Biscayne 21 Condominium in Miami, has sent ripples through the real estate industry and raised questions about the […]

Placida condo complex undergoing hurricane repairs (FL)

Repairs are underway at Boca Vista Harbor’s five condominium buildings in Placida damaged by Hurricane Ian about 20 months ago.  The five-story complex built in 2005 was ravaged by the storm’s high winds that damaged the buildings’ stucco, soffit, fascia, gutters, standing seam roof, deco shutters, vents, paint and caulking.   Read the article…………………………….

Feeding Wild and Feral Animals in HOAs

As development continues to crowd out open space previously occupied by wild animals, North Carolina community associations find themselves increasingly close neighbors with deer, racoons, foxes, and other “wild” animals. These animals come into yards and happily munch on gardens, landscaping and occasionally someone’s beloved cat or dog. Combine development issues, poor control of domestic […]

Preventing Another Tragedy: New Resort Safety Measures Unveiled

Following the devastating collapse of the Champlain Tower South condominium in Florida three years ago, the resort industry has faced a critical call to action regarding building safety. This article explores the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding resort structures and guests.   Read the article…………………………….

New Hawaii bills aim to ease financial strain for condominium communities

What if your condominium’s insurance premium increased from $400,000 to $3.3 million in one year?  That’s what happened to the Peninsula at Hawaii Kai. The Hawaii community, consisting of 630 single and multifamily apartment homes and condominiums, was shocked, to say the least.    Read the article…………………………….

New 2024 Florida Legislation Impacting Community Associations

Florida has introduced new legislation and implemented changes to various regulations impacting community associations, many of which have either gone into effect or will go into effect beginning July 1, 2024.  This session, there are four main bills that impact community associations: HB 59, HB 1203, HB 1029, and HB 1021.    Read the article…………………………….

Managing Disruptive Residents in Your Condominium Association

Living in a co-op, condo, or HOA often involves dealing with disruptive residents who create problems ranging from noise disturbances to more serious conflicts. Industry professionals note two main types of troublemakers: those who inadvertently break rules and those who deliberately disregard them, with the latter often proving more challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated tensions, […]

HOAs and golf courses

Imagine living 10 minutes away from your favorite golf course. Not only could you sleep in a little bit later if you have an early tee time, but you could probably play multiple rounds in a single day. Plus, there won’t be any debate about who will be hosting weekend get-togethers. Your friends will happily […]

‘Are we going to end up homeless?’ Chelmsford condo complex facing condemnation (MA)

Thirty families could soon end up without a home after the town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, found concerning structural damages at Milestone Condo.  Many of the residents of the building on Chelmsford Street are low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities. They now face a seemingly impossible task: find over a million dollars for the repairs […]

New bill could pose problems for East County homeowners associations

Michael Miller worries that the passage of House Bill 1203 could have “unintended consequences” in his Country Club neighborhood and the East County community as a whole.   The bulk of the 44-page bill, signed into law on May 31 by Gov. Ron DeSantis, pertains to the administration of homeowners associations — education requirements for directors […]

How should association handle money owed to former owners? (IL)

Q. As manager for a condominium association, the board asked me to clean up some of the association’s financial records. There are many former unit owner accounts with small credits, going back as far as about 2010. These credits range from pennies to hundreds of dollars. Many of these former owners have been sent refund […]

Charlotte HOA failing to fix massive hole in parking lot (NC)

Townhome owners in a University City neighborhood are questioning why their HOA can’t afford to fix a massive hole in their parking lot that’s only grown larger in the two years since it first formed.  WBTV’s investigation revealed that the management company hired by the Homeowner’s Association has a history of hiring employees convicted of […]

Colorado Supreme Court shoots down condo association’s lawsuit against Aspen for construction defects

The Colorado Supreme Court clarified on Monday that litigants may not use a judicial doctrine focused on breaches of contract to sue municipalities for negligently constructed housing, effectively sidestepping the broad immunity state law provides to government entities.  The Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, with limited exceptions, shields public entities from lawsuits over injuries they cause. […]

Jersey City Man Charged in Theft from Union City Homeowners Association (NJ)

Authorities have charged a Jersey City man in connection with the theft of funds from a Union City homeowners association.  According to Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, members of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Investigations Unit arrested 39-year-old Eric Li yesterday at the prosecutor’s office in Secaucus.    Read the article…………………………….

Florida Governor Signs Senate Bill 382 Into Law

After a very active legislative session, we report another legislative update impacting community association managers. Florida’s Governor signed Senate Bill 382, which deals with continuing education requirements and becomes effective on July 1, 2024. Our summary of the changes    Read the article…………………………….

Condominium Associations Need to Check Their Insurance Policies (PA)

Section 3312(c)(2) of the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act requires that the Association’s insurer “waives its right to subrogation under the policy against any unit owner of the condominium or members of his household.” This means when the Association’s policy pays for damages to the Unit or Common Elements, the insurance company cannot try to get […]

New bill could pose problems for East County homeowners associations (FL)

Michael Miller worries that the passage of House Bill 1203 could have “unintended consequences” in his Country Club neighborhood and the East County community as a whole.  The bulk of the 44-page bill, signed into law on May 31 by Gov. Ron DeSantis, pertains to the administration of homeowners associations — education requirements for directors […]

Vertical Subdivisions Receive Recognition in 2024 Amendments to the Condominium Act (FL)

This year’s extensive condominium bill CS/CS/CS/HB 1021 (“HB 1021”) containing amendments to the Condominium Act created a new Section 718.407 entitled “Condominiums created within a portion of a building or within a multiple parcel building.” It provides for, among other things, statutory recognition of what is known in the industry as a “vertical subdivision,” a […]

Australia: Strata debt: What happens when strata levies are not paid?

Almost one in five people in New South Wales and 16 per cent of Australians live in strata housing, according to the Australasian Strata Insights 2022 report & infographics, released by the University of New South Wales City Futures Research Centre.  So it’s probably not surprising that issues relating to strata living have been in […]

2024 Public Policy Legislation (CO)

It has been quite some time since the HOA industry in Colorado has seen as much legislation as we saw this year! Of the 13 bills signed by the Governor, three pertain to public policy, which is a clear trend in legislative goals: HB24-1091 – Fire-hardened building materials, HB24-1152 – ADUs (accessory dwelling units), and […]

What to do When One of Your Board Members Violates the Rules

Many associations have at least one or two homeowners that think that they can do whatever they want and/or act as if the rules do not apply to them. It can be difficult enough to deal with someone who refuses to follow the rules, but what if that person is on the board? Despite what […]

Homeowners should have say in proposed new laws (NV)

Now that the 2011 Nevada Legislature has convened, the Community Associations Institute of Nevada and its legislative action committee are very involved in identifying those bills of concern to common-interest communities and working to make sure our legislators understand how those bills will affect homeowners and associations.    Read the article…………………………….

California appellate court upholds ruling on debt collection practices

Recently, the California Court of Appeal for the First Appellate District upheld a ruling against a defendant and its related entities. Plaintiff had filed a class action lawsuit against the defendants, alleging that they had violated the FDCPA and California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL) in their debt collection practices related to homeowners’ association (HOA) assessments.    […]

Florida Law Shifts Control of Mixed-Use Common Areas

A legal fight is brewing over a new state law in Florida that gives developers more control over common areas in mixed-use buildings where residential condos share the premises with a hotel, among other uses.  Mixed-use condo buildings aligned with prominent hotel brands that run them like resorts has been a popular business model in […]

Condo complex residents struggle without A/C during heat wave (MD)

Staying cool is difficult these days for Alfonso Passeri and his family.  “Something I just got to do to stay cool, man,” Passeri said, using one of several fans set up around the home he shares with his mother and younger brother at the Cherry Glen Condominiums.  They and others who live in the complex […]

Antioch homeowners outraged as HOA fees spike 75% with no explanation (TN)

Homeowners in Antioch are furious because they say their Homeowner Association fees increased 75% in the last seven months and they say they are not being told why.  A group of homeowners at Lenox Creekside Condominium in Antioch are frustrated with their HOA fees.  Bartolovich says it’s impossible to get answers from the HOA board […]

HB1203, HB59 & HB293 to Affect Florida HOAs

On May 31, 2024, Governor DeSantis signed the largest of three new bills that will have a significant impact on homeowners’ associations (HOAs). House Bill 1203, House Bill 59, and House Bill 293 introduce a range of new requirements and regulations that HOAs must comply with. The effective date for HB1203 and HB59 is July […]

New law means fewer restrictions for people in HOA communities (FL)

A new law takes effect less than a month from now that will impact people who live in communities in Florida governed by homeowners’ associations.  The new law will mean significant changes for HOA residents. People who live in HOA communities typically have a strict list of dos and don’ts.   Read the article…………………………….

Payment portals on HOA websites not required (NV)

Q: I’m writing to you about your recent column and Senate Bill 378. If I read the bill correctly, it is now optional for a homeowners’ association to provide online electronic assessment payments. Your report said otherwise   Read the Q&A………………………………..

Community Interest Legislative Changes 2024 (AZ)

There are several legislative changes from the Arizona Legislature in 2024 that could potentially affect your HOA or Condominium Association. Click the link below to read our summary of these changes.    Legislative Changes 2024………….

SC Community Association Legislative Update – June 17, 2024

With the second regular session of the 125th South Carolina General Assembly now adjourned, it is time to look at where things are now that the session has ended. Over this most recent legislative session, South Carolina saw a number of bills potentially affecting homeowners associations and condominiums filed.   Read the article…………………………….

Behind the Scenes of Your Utah HOA Rule Enforcement & Site Visits

Utah homeowners associations (HOAs) help maintain the peace and beauty of their communities. However, homeowners can feel targeted when told they’ve broken the community rules. This has caused many misconceptions about how rules and regulations are enforced.   Read the article…………………………….

Homeowners Association stock illustrations

Browse 990+ homeowners association stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or start a new search to explore more great stock images and vector art. HOA, Homeowner Association.   Read the article…………………………….

The Role and Responsibilities of an Association Board Member

Being a board member in an association is a position of significant responsibility and influence. It involves overseeing the management and maintenance of the property, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of the residents, and adhering to legal and financial obligations. This role is integral to the smooth operation of the community, requiring a blend of […]

Big Jump in Insurance Costs Strikes Condos

Board members of the Highland Park Community Association in Mission Viejo, Calif., braced last year for a rise in insurance costs.  Yet they were still shocked to receive a quote for over $170,000, which was more than four times what the association paid in 2022. Another 12 insurers declined to offer quotes, because wildfire risk […]

Laredo leaders address concerns over HOAs with new lawn watering rules (TX)

City Council adopted an ordinance for homeowners who may deal with strict restrictions by Home Owner Associations throughout the city as drought contingencies continue to affect Laredo residents’ lawn care. District VII Councilmember Vanessa Perez brought up the item at a recent meeting speaking on behalf of her constituents and others in the city who […]