Red Barn Golf Course reportedly suggests homeowners pay for its $187,000 driving range net (IL)

/ Owner - July 3, 2024

A yellow golf ball rests in grass a few meters from a Summit Condos home in Rockton. Ahead of it, an orange construction fence separates the backyard from the Red Barn Golf Course driving range.  “It possibly could give someone a heart attack at an age like that,” says Paul Grossen – president of the Summit Condos Association – on his largely retiree neighborhood. “And you have a projectile coming into your home.”  For over 20 years, those along Williamson Circle expected a rare golf ball breaking a window; only four crashed through during those decades. Starting last summer, however, life by the links saw a new disruption.  “Since the TopTracer has come in, we had five windows just put out,” says Paul.    Read the article…………………………….

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