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Responding to a Member’s Request to Review and Inspect Your Associations Books and Records

/ Owner - September 4, 2017

Member requests to review and inspect an association’s records and books are a fairly typical occurrence and should not be a reason to panic, but such requests should be dealt with in a prompt and orderly fashion for reasons explained in this article. Some members are just generally interested in the ongoing management and administration of the association and want to keep a closer eye on the details. Unfortunately, in other cases, you may have a member with an axe to grind and whose intent may ultimately be to try and find some error or oversight to justify their allegations against the association. Regardless of the intent behind these review and inspection requests, it is of utmost importance that the association address them and respond accordingly. How an Association responds and reacts to these requests may ultimately save it a great deal of time and headaches later on. Therefore, it is a good idea for your association to develop a response protocol that addresses these requests both in terms of the language of the Michigan Condominium Act, Michigan’s Nonprofit Corporation Act, and the language of your governing documents.     Read the article………………

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