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Is it Time to Revisit Restrictions on Home-Based Businesses in Condominium Associations?

/ Owner - January 19, 2017

What do Apple Computer, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the Ford Motor Company all have in common? These corporations all started out as home-based businesses. With recent technological gains, more individuals are not only working from home but, in fact, more than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner’s home[1]. In addition, with technological advances, many tasks that required an individual to go to their place of employment or an office, can now be done at their residence without interference[2].  However, if you are one of the growing number of individuals who see their future as running a home-based business or telecommuting[3], a few words of caution. Working from a home office, even if it is part-time, can potentially be a problem if you do it from a condominium. This is particularly an issue when the condominium’s governing documents have not been updated in quite some time.   Read the article……………

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