Richardson v. Huntington Pacific Beach House Condominium Assoc. (CA)

/ Owner - August 29, 2019

This case arises out of a dispute between the homeowners association of a beachfront condominium complex and three owners of six units in that complex. Condominium owners Dan Richardson, Andrea Richardson, and Judith Carter (collectively Respondents) sought injunctive relief in the form of an order directing the Board of Directors of the Huntington Pacific Beach House Condominium Association (HOA) to comply with Civil Code section 4600.1 The HOA challenges the trial court’s order granting the requested relief. The court determined the HOA violated section 4600 by failing to subject owner Clint Stevenson’s window to door conversion to an association wide vote, and required the HOA to undertake such a vote to validate or reject Stevenson’s project. Finding no error, we affirm the order.    Read the decision……………………………….

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