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What Your HOA Should Know About Easements

/ Owner - February 2, 2017

Sometimes it’s necessary for someone to access your property. It may be the only way they can reach their home, or it may simply be for fun, such as hunting. If this is the case, an easement may be suggested. Check out everything your HOA should know about easements.  An easement is basically the right to use someone else’s land. It does not grant the person possession of the land, but it allows them to use it. They can’t occupy the land, and they can’t stop anyone else from entering the property unless they interfere with the easement user’s use of the land. The landowner, however, can prevent anyone except the easement holder from using the land. An example of an easement is if you have a road on your property that is a great shortcut to your neighbor’s home, so you allow them to use the road to get to and from their home.    Read the article………….

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