We know there are a lot issues regarding condo’s and HOA’s and very few places to go to find answers.  The problem is that it’s very hard to answer specific questions without access to the association documents, an in-depth knowledge of the state laws and often, both sides of the story.  If you couldn’t find an answer or help on our pages, we suggest you visit HOATalk.com. This is a free forum where a large group of people really try to help with association issues.  We’re just not set up, at this time, to answer specific questions.

Before you send a note, please note the following:

  • We have no information about specific associations or how to contact them
  • The vast majority of states have no agency responsible for condo or homeowner associations.  If there is an agency, it’s listed on the state page
  • There is almost no way to answer a question about a specific situation.  Associations have different state laws, different governing documents, different rules, etc.  and that is why you will almost always get the answer: “You need to talk to a local attorney, or work it out through your board”.
  • Associations are not a whole lot different than other elected organizations, either governmental, or non-profit.  You get who’s elected, for better or worse.  Simply put:
    • Good boards make good associations – Bad boards screw them and everybody up


If you wish to have an article posted or write one for us, please understand that we don’t accept those.  Post them to your own site and send us a link.  When we’ve reviewed the article, if it’s on subject and not basically a sales pitch, we will create a link to it.