When Boards Have to Fight for What’s Right (NY)

Sometimes, co-op and condo boards have to be willing to fight for what’s right. That was certainly the case for Larry Kelter, who got hit with a one-two punch after becoming board president at the Hamlet at Windwatch, a 228-unit homeowners’ association (HOA) in Hauppauge, Long Island.  Just months after becoming president, the 62-year-old novelist was blindsided by the news that a construction company had illegally dumped some 50,000 tons of toxic debris – including asbestos, arsenic, and PCBs – near the property. “My reaction was nothing short of outrage,” says Kelter, who has lived at the Hamlet, where the residents are a diverse, middle-class mix of families and retirees, since 2009. “When I’m confronted with problems, I don’t let things roll off my back. My style is to hunker down, figure out a plan of attack, and marshal my resources.”      Read the article…………….

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