The Ancient Giza Homeowners Association

Dear Pharaoh, We, the chairs of Giza’s Homeowners Association, have reviewed your thoughtful proposal to build three pyramids in our neighborhood. We’re pleased to report that, following a thirty-day period for public comment and ritual sacrifice, your request has been granted! The H.O.A. agrees with you—pyramid-based development is key to revitalizing our neighborhood.   Read the […]

HOAs and Lord of the Rings: A surprising correlation

In this lighthearted article, we’ll analyze the popular fantasy series Lord of the Rings (LOTR) written by J.R.R. Tolkien and look at the parallels between this tale and that of a modern-day HOA.  Read the article………………………..

5 crazy things that would happen if condo managements ruled Singapore

If you want to look at examples of who not to elect into government in Singapore, look no further than the people in some of our condo management councils. Part comedy, part horror and 100% drama, some management councils manage to turn a condo management into farce, with a huge does of politicking thrown in […]

War of the Roses, Caddyshack? These condo tales are even better (NH)

It has been a bit of a bad time for many lately with the pandemic limiting activities for some and having much more extreme effects on other families in condos and elsewhere. So I thought a bit of lightness may help.  What follows are a few silly things that have happened in condos around the […]

A Letter from the Condo Association to Mr. and Mrs. MacBeth

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth, I am writing to you as interim president of the Dunsinane Estates Condo Association to express serious concerns about recent activities on your part as well as violations of the association’s regulations and rules of conduct.  I confess it is with trepidation that I write this note, given that Mr. […]

The Condo Director Who Stole Christmas

As we approach year end and embark on our collective mad-dash towards the holidays, we thought we’d revisit a Christmas classic and adapt it to the condo world. As part of our last post this year, here’s our Condo Christmas Story.  Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals […]

Diary of a New York Co-op Board President

Buying an apartment in a New York co-op building can seem like such a great idea — at first. But just wait. There is often a steep learning curve that runs from happy optimism to weary cynicism.  This is one such story, as I remember it.  As most New Yorkers know all too well, when […]

Consumption Metrics, Chew Rate

How fun last year seeing a lovable herd of goats chewing their way through overgrown weeds and other vegetation growing wild along scenic trails surrounding a California community association. Surely the herd would be back again this year. But no. This year, the work was being done by tractor-powered mowing machines, “really nifty” equipment capable […]

Santa Claus is Back in Town and Make Sure He Pays This Time

But let’s think of Santa, not just as a bringer of gifts, but as a user of property rights. After all, he lands on your roof. Get any permission for that, Mr. Claus? What about the wear and tear to the roof? If a typical adult male reindeer weighs 350 – 400 pounds, eight adult […]

Marolt: My annotated history as HOA president

Two neighbors in one week brought it up. That’s a sign that it is something that needs to be talked about. To show how strongly I believe this, I am going to talk about what they talked about even though the subject is me.    Read the article………

Questions for your future HOA (CO) (Just for fun)

When buying a condo, one of the things to consider is the HOA. Hopefully, your money dude has helped vet the financial health of the HOA, and your real estate agent has soundly beaten the huge corporation running the HOA with a large stick when they demand money for unreasonable things before you’ve even purchased […]

From marriage emerges a mighty HOA juggernaut

….Unbeknownst to our cranky neighbor, J.J. had been elected to the HOA board by way of inability to gather a quorum for an in-person vote, and subsequent mail-in ballot stacking among the condo units in the First Building, Floor 1 area.     Read more……….