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Kass: When Disaster Strikes: What Is An Emergency In Your HOA?

/ Owner - July 11, 2018

Question: I am the President of our 98 unit condominium. Every so often, (and usually in the middle of the night) I get a telephone call from a unit owner (or our property manager) telling him that something has happened that needs immediate approval. For example, the other evening during a heavy thunderstorm, all the lights in our complex went out. The property manager wanted permission to bring in a generator (at a cost of $800) so as to maintain lighting in the parking lot. I was reluctant to spend this money, but was also concerned about having no security lighting in the area.  How do I determine when there is a bona fide emergency, and what authority do I have to spend association moneys under these circumstances.    Read the Q&A………………..

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