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In Heavily Flooded West Houston, a Neighborhood Comes Together to Save Itself (TX)

/ Owner - September 14, 2017

One of the first rescues was 120 pounds of wet, terrified Rhodesian ridgeback, wide-eyed and shaking on top of a kitchen counter. It was Sunday, August 27. A neighbor kid had been pet-sitting for the dog’s out-of-town owners, when he realized Buffalo Bayou was coming out of its banks so rapidly he could no longer get across to the dog’s house to retrieve him. So the dog’s owner posted a plea for help on the Facebook page of his neighborhood, Nottingham Forest.  Michael Berg answered the call with the help of a neighbor, Don Paullo, and Paullo’s canoe. Berg, a father of three, is HOA president for Nottingham Forest, a leafy neighborhood of almost 800 homes bordered by Dairy Ashford to the west, Memorial Drive to the north, Kirkwood to the east and Buffalo Bayou to the south. And this Sunday morning as the two set out in a canoe to save a dog, Berg’s neighborhood was quickly being inundated by floodwaters.     Read the article…………….

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